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Relationship Counseling - Marriage Counseling

I like to meet initially with both parties together to get an understanding of the problems and emotions involved. If both of you want to continue working with me (which you can discuss away from the office and call to let me know), I will next meet with each of you individually and return to joint meetings on the fourth session.

I have structured homework exercises, readings which we will discuss, brief take-home questionnaires, and I will create opportunities for me to observe your interactions and provide feedback. There are specific issues that I will suggest for you to talk about.

I begin with the perspective that my job is to help repair the relationship. I understand that sometimes the goal of one or both parties is not to repair the relationship but to re-define or end it. The ideal is for this to happen with compassion and mutual understanding, but that is not always possible. If you are wanting to repair your marriage, I will not tell that you should get a divorce. Violence in the relationship will be taken very seriously.