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LGBTQ Concerns

Our culture has come a long way in my lifetime towards accepting all forms of loving sexuality and understanding gender identity issues. But I am aware that many gay people still experience fear and hostility from others because of their sexuality.

The LGBTQ community is no longer considered to have a disorder by virtue of their sexuality. The ‘paraphilia’ disorders are about equally distributed among straight and gay people (with some disorders more evident with straights). The category of ‘gender dysphoria’ focuses on the dysphoria of the person and not the identity as such, like the old ‘gender identity disorder’ did.

In short, while the LGBTQ community has some particular issues to deal with, we can all have the same mental disorders now.

The last thing anyone needs when they look for a psychotherapist is one who disapproves of something as central as their sexuality.

I did a year of my clinical training in San Francisco and I have worked with gay couples there and in Austin. I have worked with young adults who were having difficulty defining their sexuality and finding intimacy and love through it. I do not have the experience of a clinician who has worked exclusively with this population, but I feel qualified to provide services for you and I will support you in your sexuality, or work with you on other unrelated issues.